Board of Advisors

American Museum of Asmat Art at the University of St. Thomas
Board of Advisors Members

Mr. Gerald D. Brennan, Chair

Mrs. Carole Boyum

V. Rev. Thomas Carkhuff

Mrs. Cheryl Cook

Mr. Peter Coté

Ms. Amy Fistler

Dr. Bernie Folz

Dr. Thomas Harkcom

Ms. Phyllis Hischier

Mr. William Joyce

Mr. Dave Kostik

Dr. Terry Langan

Ms. Topsy Simonson

Dr. Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell

Mrs. Lori Wiese-Parks

Mr. Paul S. Murphy

Ms. Gretchen Holland


Mrs. Donna MacMillan, honorary member


CAS Staff

Ms. Cathy Crowell, Administrative Assistant, Deans Office